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Welcome to SURYA Estate

A place where nature, authenticity and intuition is cherished and wants to be shared with you on special occasions.

SURYA Estate is an off-grid small-holding with amazing views over Baardskeerdersbos and the surrounding hills in the beautiful Overberg region.

The owners Roland and Nina Schein-Murzl offer a variety of services that include their talents and passions under the umbrella name SURYALISTIX, meaning ‘SURYA all kinds’.

We currently offer:

  • Horse riding for kids 
  • Coaching sessions for adults in nature
  • Equine-facilitated connection & art workshops
  • Holiday accommodation for nature seekers and families

Our Philosophy

What does SURYA stand for? It comes from the Sanskrit word “sun”, which is our energy provider, and it also stands for our philosophy:

S          See the beauty
U         Use your senses
R         Ride the flow
Y          Yes to life
A          All is possible

Choose your direction...

Energy flows where attention goes. We all have the choice to redirect our energy on what really matters and is important in our life. Here at SURYA we choose to put awareness on the beautiful nature that we care for and the feeling of connection. The most rewarding fulfilment for us is when people leave inspired, happy and recharged after a stay or visit @ SURYA.

Horse Experiences

Nina loves the healing process and insights that occur when horses and people connect as partners. You can book a horse-facilitated coaching session with her as individual, in a group, or as a workshop during a collaboration event. This is a great experience for all people who are on the journey towards a more authentic and balanced life and often brings healing to the soul.

Events, Retreats & Venue

We love to offer this space for facilitators that resonate with our energies to share their profound wisdom and knowledge in small and medium-sized workshops and/or during retreats. Collaborations are welcome, please contact us to discuss.

The indoor facilities in the workshop have been used as a unique venue for small to medium-sized weddings in the past. Please contact us to discuss your event requirements.


There are currently 2 Mini Houses on SURYA, both designed and built by Roland Murzl, as everything else on this property. 

The Schein-Murzl family of three is currently living in the recently finished Mini House (model 2) which was an art studio before. 

The other Mini House (model 1) was their home for the last 2 years and is available now for guests to enjoy. Bookings can be made via AirBnB.

During our retreats and for friends we are happy to offer our basic campsite facilities.

Retreat to Wholeness - Create YOUR Retreat

Craft your personalized retreat in the beautiful setting of Baardskeerdersbos with 3 wonderful facilitators.
Choose from a selection of experiences available and let us know what timeframe is good for you. You can stay in our Mini House or alternative accommodation of your choice during your journey towards inner wholeness. 

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